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Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) units are innovative control systems that allow for a wide range of motor RPM by controlling the supply current. Without VFDs, motors wil run at full speed, all the time. VFDs allow for lower speeds and can be conditionally programmed. We’ve helped hundreds of customers reduce wear on their pumps and save on maintenance costs by installing a VFD.


Motors can have very long service lives. Our workshop is equipped with the proper tools and equipment to help keep your motor running. We have the expertise to replace and re-install motors in even the toughest of locations.

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Building Management Systems (BMS) are found in almost every modern high rise. BMS allows clients to control their mechanical equipment with the push of a button. Unfortunately, many clients believe that only the OEM can troubleshoot their system. We’ve saved thousands of dollars for our customers by diagnosing and solving BMS issues. 

HVAC Controls

Faulty HVAC controls, ie. thermostats, control boards, pressure switches are commonly over-priced services in the NYC market. Most mechanical contractors do not have the appropriate skills to perform a root cause analysis and spend much more time than needed. If you are having issues, we have the expertise to solve your problems.

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