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We Rebuild & Install Centrifugal Pumps

Close Coupled

Close Coupled pumps are the most common pumps found in buildings and are used for a variety of applications.

Split Case

Split case pumps are commonly used in commercial settings and are often also used for fire pump applications.


Multistage pumps contain a series of impellers, allowing them to overcome a larger hydrostatic column. They are commonly found in high rises and coupled with a VFD.

Sump & Ejector

Located in basements, ejector pumps are used to discharge greywater. They often contain a cutter, which shreds solid waste before being pumped.

Rebuild Services

For every pump we rebuild, we ensure:

  • Motor bearing replacement
  • Motor winding insulation
  • Upgraded application-appropriate mechanical seal
  • Impeller and involute inspection
  • Internal cleaning
  • Re-install and electrical hook-up
  • Root cause failure analysis

Common Applications

Pumps are vital in the modern world as they allow for the transportation of water. Common building uses for pumps include:

  • Hot water circulation
  • Chilled water circulation
  • Condensate return
  • Condenser water circulation
  • Booster
  • Waste water
  • Closed loop

Common Brands we Service

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