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We have substantial experience in operating, diagnosing and repairing all types of chillers. Call us today to understand why your building’s chiller is underperforming this season.  

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are amongst today’s most common HVAC systems. We have repaired thousands of water-sourced heat pumps, mostly used in hotels. Common issues include failed actuators, reversing valves and faulty control board.

Roof top units (RTU)

Roof top units are convenient packaged systems that can deliver both heating and cooling to the desired area. Common problems include dirty or corroded coils, faulty furnace controls and worn compressors. 

Split Systems

Split systems are the most common residential HVAC system in the Northeast. Most homeowners can service these units by themselves, check out our guides for more information or give us a call.

Ice Machines

Ice machines are found in every restaurant and hotel in NYC yet are amongst the most expensive units to replace. We have refurbished several restaurant-grade ice machines for a fraction of market price.

Walk-in Boxes

Walk-in coolers/freezers are at the heart of the restaurant business. Ritz has serviced hundreds of customers with failed walk-in boxes, avoiding thousands of dollars in food loss. Call us today to schedule a proactive service call.

Market Fridges

Every corner store, bodega or market in NYC contains several market fridges. Spoiled food as a result of a failed unit can lead to a loss in revenue for you business. Call us if you are having problems with your fridge.

Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are a common sight in buildings with water-cooled HVAC systems. Cooling towers need to be proactively maintained every season to avoid bacteria growth and costly repairs. Call us to schedule an inspection.

Air handlers & Roof Fans

Bent fan blades or worn fan motor bearings will cause a HVAC system to trip. We have serviced hundreds of air handlers to ensure proper heating or cooling delivery.


Whether you’re a hotel with hundreds of PTAC units or a homeowner with a mini-split, we’ve got you covered. Almost all HVAC/R equipment follow the same principles. Call Ritz for a free estimate! Note: We do not service boilers.

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